YPO-YPO Gold Members worldwide get into a
“New York State of Mind”
with membership in the YPO Metro New York Gold Chapter.

We are New York’s premier chapter with the largest Young Next Generation population on the planet. We consistently offer award-winning education and incomparable peer-to-peer networking located in the greatest city in the world. It is clear an ongoing connection with YPO Metro New York Gold will only enhance your personal growth and experience.

You may find yourself in New York for business or pleasure. You may be here twice a week or twice a year. Either way you will have the power of more than a 150-member network and world-class educational programming that provides a unique home away from home year-round.

From art auctions to historic tours through the very heart of the city, New York offers endless excitement. A perennial winner for best education events in YPO, the Metro New York Gold Chapter offers a wide range of education and entertainment opportunities. How about an exclusive version of the hit TV show, Shark Tank, led by member Barbara Corcoran? This program was the recent winner of the NEUS Best Education Program. Wouldn’t you enjoy magic in the air going to the latest smash hit on Broadway with special access to the actors/director or a private VIP viewing of the Impressionist and Modern Art showing at Christies? And don’t forget our only in " YPO events" where recently we met with the former US/Soviet Union arms negotiator, the Past President of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize winner and the Israeli Consul General to the United States. Our current Education Program featured a private tour of the new Whitney Museum of Art. It was followed by the Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counter terrorism for the NYC Police Department and then we met "a true American Hero" who led the Seal Team 6 mission that brought Osama Bin Laden to justice.

From 100 stories up in the new Freedom Tower to the beauty of Central Park, the YPO Metro New York Gold membership will allow you to explore and learn from New York like never before. Contact us today to learn more.

“Joining YPO Metro New York Gold as a dual member gave me access to the best of the best. World-class resources and extraordinary venues coupled new relationships and experiences. YPO Metro New York Gold has it all.”    — Amir Chitayat, OpenMoves, Inc. (WPO Long Island, New York)

“A great opportunity to further understand the complex Middle East moment combined with the fantastic experience of joining the YPO Metro New York Gold Chapter. The warm reception that we received from the members shows the power, uniqueness and values of YPO. I believe the opportunity opened by the chapter for members from other places to join in a dual membership experience is absolutely a must and an example to follow.”    — Vasco Luce (WPO Sao Paulo Chapter)

“I have enjoyed the intimate nature of a smaller chapter since 1989, and the benefits of YPO keeping members from more rural areas connected. However, the YPO Metro New York Gold chapter offered a broader education program and the chance to network in my largest market.  I now have the benefit of access to a much greater diversity of members and educational programs, and with this large number of chapter events,, I am now much more engaged in YPO.”   — Perri C. Petricca, Petricca Industries (WPO Connecticut River Valley)

"As a support network YPO has always held an important place in my life, providing a safe haven to making long term friendships and valuable contacts.The YPO welcome is always one of extraordinary warmth, and YPO Metro New York Gold is one of the warmest. I look forward to being a part of the dynamic and fantastic networking and opportunities YPO Metro New York Gold offers, and in return offering the chapter the best of myself."   — Shalini Kanwar Chand (Spouse of Vikram Chand WPO Singapore Chapter)

Whether you are already a YPO Gold member or getting ready to graduate from YPO, this is a chance to significantly enhance your membership beyond your local chapter. We would welcome you to join us either as a full time or dual member.