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YPO Metro New York Gold is proud to lead with our female representation: we're the #2 Gold chapter globally for Athena recruits, and the #5 chapter globally for woman members - out of 450+ chapters. We also boast the most extensive international membership of all YPO chapters, with 38% hailing from diverse corners of the globe: North America, Europe (east and west), Latin America, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Our chapter is a vibrant tapestry of diverse and global perspectives.

Whether you're from far-flung continents or an inveterate New Yorker, our chapter offers an unparalleled platform for cross-cultural exchange and networking.

“I joined YPO Metro New York Gold because I am planning to move to Manhattan. I wanted to connect with the community. Metro New York Gold is a warm and welcoming chapter; it provides a great platform to connect faster and stay connected forever.


As the #2 Gold chapter globally for Athena recruits, the strength of our kaleidoscopic community lies in its diversity. The Athena program is specifically designed to accelerate gender representation across YPO. Through Athena, new-to-YPO women leaders under age 55 can join a YPO Gold chapter, if they meet all other membership criteria.

Our events provide access to some of the most exciting moments New York has to offer. Each year, we offer vibrant excursions, significant networking opportunities, and one-of-a-kind learning experiences

“My YPO experience has been impactful and life-changing. So glad to have found my tribe!”


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